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Course Pre-requisite:

This course is suitable for anyone who wishes to work with Lasers or Intense Pulsed Light.

As a background knowledge of individuals varies, some Lessons may cover topics with which you are already familiar.

Aims of this Course:

  • By the end of the course all participants will be able to understand the aesthetic devices in sufficient detail.
  • To become familiar with lasers and intense pulsed light and how these devices are used safely in aesthetic practice.
  • To cover the “Core of Knowledge” topics required by insurers and various regulatory authorities in the UK.

Topic Modules:

– Introduction
– Basic Laser Theory
– IPL Theory
– Laser versus IPL
– Hazards of Laser/IPL
– Tissue Characteristics
– Mode of Action of main laser types
– Photothermal effects
– Skin Components Absorption
– Wavelengths of Certain Lasers
– Frequency Doubled Nd:Yag Laser
– KTP Frequency Doubled Nd:Yag Laser
– Development of Diode Laser
– Laser Penetration in Skin
– Skin Types and Classification
–  Laser Safey Working Procedures
– Local Rules
– Quiz
It is necessary to move progressively through each module as information in later modules may rely on an understanding of earlier sections.

It is important that you view each of the modules and do not skip any material.

Students will be able to download their Core of Knowledge Certificate from their login profile once they have scored a minimum of 80% of total quiz. They will have unlimited chances to retake the quiz in order to achieve the required result.