Versatile natural tools
Individually crafted by Italian artisans, the equipment balances adaptable flexibility with an effective, hard silica that covers the outer cell walls. Therapists can enjoy both the lightweight ease and useful variety of dumbbell, buffer, facial and plain canes.

Targeted results
In addition to managing stress, improve lymphatic circulation, promoting the removal of fluids and toxins. Help to break down and soften scarring adhesions and stimulate cellular activity to repair and nourish the skin. Perfect for spa, salon or mobile treatments, assist lactic acid removal to reduce pain and muscle stiffness. From leg aches, tendonitis, migraines to neck and shoulder pain, create maximum tranquillity and satisfaction.

Directions for use
Keep your kit in a cool and dry place and avoid exposing in direct sunlight.


  • Stick, 700mm x 45mm – 55mm
  • Stick, 600mm x 25mm – 30mm
  • Dumbbell stick, 250mm x 35mm – 40mm (2)
  • Buffer stick, 300mm (2)
  • Facial stick, 200mm – 400mm x 10mm (2)

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