Luscious Lips Luxurious Treatment pack


Lip Treatment Pack

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Luscious Lips Luxurious Treatment pack

Contains lip scrub and balm

So Sweet & Natural Lip Peeling Scrub Blueberry

If due to frost, heating, air conditioning, cold wind or burning sun you are annoyed by the problem of dry and chapped lips. If you dream about using matt permanent lipsticks, and you are afraid of the unsightly effect of “dry skin” – the solution to your problems is Quin So Sweet & Natural Lip Scrub !

Our mouth peel was closed in a very functional and beautiful jar. The content that is hidden in it will dazzle you with its color, smell and taste and will prevent you from reaching for any other lip care products. Meet our new Quin Face So Sweet & Natural Lip Scrub and say goodbye to always dry, chapped lips!

  • use (at least once a week) Quin Face Sweet & Natural Lip Scrub in addition to the removal of dead skin brings with it many other benefits such as smoothing, improving the appearance, flexibility, degree of hydration and overall condition of the mouth. It restores the proper color to the lips and nourishes the skin and allows the use of even the most durable, matt lipsticks.


  • it is almost 100% composed of natural ingredients.
  • in its composition comprises: shea butter (Karite) butter, coconut oil, grape and peach kernel, glycerol and Vitamin E
  • natural abrasive particles – sugar crystals
  • perfectly peels the delicate skin of the lips
  • leaves lips smooth, soft and manicured

How to use: Apply a small amount of peeling on your finger and gently massage the lips with circular movements. Rinse with cool water.

Size: 15g

So Juicy & Natural Lip Balm Oil Balm with Blueberries

If you have a problem with chapped, dry lips; if the cold air, burning sun or cold wind negatively affect the skin of your lips; if you often lick your lips, or if you use different types of medicine that will dry your lips, then Quin Face So Juicy & Natural Lip Oil is the product you’ve been waiting for! It’s the oil that will change your lips and make you no longer able to imagine grooming without it!

Quin Face So Juicy & Natural Lip Oil is a unique combination of care and delicate makeup , has moisturizing, softening and smoothing lips, while at the same time provides them a healthy look and gives a delicate glow like a lip gloss.

Use daily for luscious soft lips


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