Nail wrap kit (silk/fibreglass)

Nail wrap (silk/fibreglass kit

This kit is a great starter or training kit and an excellent introduction into the Nail Wrap System.

An all-time favourite. This tried and tested system will create thin and flexible natural looking nail enhancements which combines fine mesh, specially formulated Resin and instant Activator setting spray, to product a beautiful, strong and durable nail enhancement.

Kit Contents:

  • Silk Strip 46cm
  • Resin 28g
  • Activator Spray 50ml
  • Acetone 60ml
  • Sanitising Spray 60ml
  • Nail Fresh 100ml
  • Tip Blender 15ml
  • Spare Nozzles (10)
  • Manicure Sticks (5)
  • Cuticle Pusher
  • Tip Cutter
  • Stork Scissors
  • Lint Free Pads (50)
  • Assorted Tips
  • White Sanding Block
  • Duraboard 100/180
  • Duraboard 240/240, Nail Buffer

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