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“Be good to your skin. You’ll wear it every day for the rest of your life.” — Renee Rouleau

Skincare specialists will be around forever.  An effective skincare specialist has core knowledge and understanding of the skin-its functions, structure and role.At BBA we offer BOTH NVQ and accredited pathways allowing you to choose your individual pathways.Courses are available for total beginners through to advanced practitioners 
We also offer skin-based packages – this will consist of related courses combined into a package allowing you to obtain a discounted qualification package.

Here are some examples of our skincare packages

Skincare BasicsNVQ2 Facial and Massage.Accredited Microdermabrasion
Skincare Specialist NVQ 2 FacialNVQ 3 Facial
Skin Advanced Techniques
Skin Needling
Skin Peel
Skin Enhancements LEDDermaplaning 
Holistic SkinAccredited Facial DiplomaJapanese Facial

Do take a look at our NVQ and accredited course menus.