Indian Head Massage Diploma Course

Indian Head Massage is a wonderful relaxing treatment – this therapy has been practised in India for over a thousand years. It is ideal for any neck or shoulder tension as it works deeply over the muscles in this area and also pressure points which help the muscle to relax. The Neck and Shoulder Massage is followed by a Reviving Scalp Massage which relaxes and stimulates – working over the whole scalp – encouraging circulation to move to this area bringing with it oxygen and nutrients to revive the brain. It finishes with a Soothing Face Massage which works using pressure points and draining techniques which has helped headaches and sinus problems. This aims to relieve stress and tension in the scalp, face, neck and shoulders. It increases circulation and loosens tight muscles. It is an easy treatment to offer, as it can be performed fully dressed and seated.

  • Fees: £195
  • Duration: 1day
  • 10am-3pm
  • No previous knowledge or experience required
  • Hygiene health and safety
  • Relevant anatomy and physiology
  • Products and equipment required
  • Consultation procedures
  • Contra indications to treatment
  • Indian head massage movements
  • Aftercare

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